harsh realities, unfortunate life facts. Fo’ real, yo

Published April 8, 2012 by 51percentawesome

Let’s be honest.

1. No matter how many times I wash my clothes, I will still have a long-haired cat who I am allergic to.

2. No matter how many times I work and pay my bills, I will still get more bills (also applies to cleaning and sorting).

3. Despite my most fervent wishes, people are not perfect. They are narcissistic, fearful, neurotic and selfish. Myself included.

4. This is a capitalist society. Money is capital. Time is capital. If I refuse to sell my time, I am likely to not have money.

5. Everyone I come into contact with is bound by the capitalist constraints of this society also.

6. The world is full of many other creative, competitive people. If they sell their time, they’ll have money.

7. Cars cost money. We do not have teleportation. It probably wouldn’t be free anyway.

8. Music festivals are not going to organise and celebrate themselves, or occur in my backyard.

9.  Men, at any age, fathers or not, can be selfish and emotionally immature. No man can save or complete me, not really.

10. Technology, as created by mankind, is fallible. To expect it to be otherwise would be a grave error of judgement.

11. Over time, all things are created and destroyed. This applies to my possessions, laptops, phones, hands-frees, chef knives.

12. Manifestation is never immediate. Life takes time.

13. For every up, there will be an equal and opposite down. Mathematically, therefore, everything amounts to naught.

14. Men (with higher beta-endorphins) mature slower than women. Women are patient out of necessity rather than nature.

15.  Although ultimately each individual can rely only on themselves, paradoxically we cannot get through this life alone.

16. Most people are arrogant idiots. Vegan or not, processed food will make you sick. Man is not above nature.

17. My university education is not going to learn itself. Likewise, dinner is not going to cook itself. Ever.

18.  Cats will meow.

19. There is no arrival point from where life will henceforth be easy, unproblematic and clear. Savour such transient moments.

20.  Life will not deliver your hopes and dreams to you on a silver platter-

until you figure out what the fuck they are and commit to them.

21. Sitting on Facebook, no matter how alluring and temporarily satiating, will not equate to a fulfilled life.

22. Cyber-pseudo-reality is not reality, and your body knows it, even if you don’t.

23. Despite what society may tell you, being sexually attractive won’t make you happy. Really.

24. Knowing what brings you joy (yoga) will result in frustration if you deny yourself (when class is only on in the mornings).

25. Breathing is not optional. Resistance is.

26. Nothing is ever achieved in this world without at one time or another being made number one priority.

27. Conflicting priorities will result in inconsistent and half-hearted results. I cannot be both rich, famous and educated right now.

28. The pot and the kettle are almost always black. Especially if I am in the kitchen. Fact.

29.  As many steps as you take away from nature, you will need to take back to her.

30. There are 7 billion humans on the planet and we are all essentially the same. Ordinary. (I am ordinary).

31. If you do not honour your inspiration (write, talk, act), your inspiration will pass you by.

32. Plenty more fish in the sea? No. Almost outta fish, kids.

33.  If one stays up past when one is tired, one will get up later and later each successive day. My life is conclusive evidence.


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