Published April 27, 2012 by 51percentawesome

The actual, genuine reasons why I have consistantly underachieved my whole life.

1. My parents don’t financially support me. This results in me having to work while studying, or being poor and hungry.
2. The printing, textbooks and other supplies needed to function are expensive.
3. To get a job I need qualifications, to afford to eat I need a job. And so it goes.
4. My boyfriend/s broke up with me/ cheated on me/ lied to me/ broke my heart.
5. My house/s was/were demolished/lease ended/ housemates[gotmarried/weredruggos/died]/boyfriend was a cunt etc
6. I was unhappy/stressed/anxious/depressed for any of the above reasons and couldnt concentrate.
7. I am insomniac for any of the above reasons, and thus missed any classes scheduled before midday.
8. I had a headache.
9. It’s my personality (a creative type) to rebel against rules and restrictions.
10. If I was duller, I’d have learnt to be conscientious. But I didn’t.
11. I require a ‘real’ challenge to motivate me, like completion on no sleep or failure
12. It’s in my astrology to be a perfectionist, who will do as best in a short timeframe
13. I am so good at procrastinating I even fool myself.
14. Staying inside all day studying makes me frustrated and unhappy.
15. Spending all my time studying stops me from cooking and that makes me frustrated and unhappy
16. My house, dishes, clothes and sheets need to be cleaned.
17. I was busy jelly-wrestling
18. I have a facebook/youtube addiction
19. My laptop battery/ internet connection died
20. My room is cold enough to see my breath
21. Acadaemia is disjunct from any spiritual/actual reality and I would prefer to be living

Clear skies make for cold air. I walk lightly, and giggle to myself. The doctor isn’t meant to backdate, but he gives me a 3 day medical certificate. Homeworks not done, refer to number 8. More due in 48 hrs, havent started. Same old story, morning glory. On the patio, the adorable-horse dog puts her nose in my crotch.


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