41 verbs

Published May 15, 2012 by 51percentawesome

My cat comes running in, and sits beside me, alert and a little twitchy. He is a fat cat, and doesn’t run anywhere except to his food bowl, and away from the dog. And that’s how today was.

I woke up an hour and a half before my alarm, which was apparently the right time. My alarm was set 4 hours before its usual time, to give you an idea.

42 minute interview, learn to transcribe. Sit in sun, play fetch, Tweet about the sun. Inspect garden, eat strawberries, move plants. Roast potatoes with jam. Sort cupboards and drawers. Shower, dress, empty compost. Send texts. Puzzle over how smoothie got on the kitchen ceiling.

Lunchtime presentation on setting up a small business: passion, energy, yeah yeah that’s sorted, but what about the ACTUAL business set-up? Intuition win: run into person I’m half-way through emailing. Survive barely hostile interactions with ex-boyfriend. View potential co-op space. Suggest ideas. Write business plan. Phone meeting re: June. Eat leftovers. Set-up voicemail. Another fortuitous meeting. Print book draft. Realise I have had the contacts I need all along.

Bounce ball, in pink mittens.

Consider painting bed.

Yoga is cancelled and I am relieved, that’s how constructive my day was.

The kind of constructive that required hydration.

I want to sleep with the sunset. Instead, I come inside, write, and scrub the ceiling.


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