Meltdown pending.

Published May 23, 2012 by 51percentawesome

Monday. Seated under a tree in the sun at uni, my laptop won’t turn on. I write pages, in my messy scrawl. Groggily blink on the duckpond lawn. Upstairs on a beanbag with the last remaining light slanted through the window, the laptop turns on but the internet won’t connect. IT Stewart remedies this. Left my headphones at home. Consume lentils and corn chips while checking emails. I want something sweet. It’s less noisy at ‘Out to Lunch’. My vegan walnut date bread is delicious, but my phone refuses to take a picture. The couch is covered with happy students, my laptop battery dies again. FFS.

I’m making order forms and produce lists. I am online marketing and promoting. Local, organic veggies boxes for $25 bucks rockin’ my world for the past year or so, and now I’m sharing the love. My Wednesday and Thursday are devoted to getting the word out here. It’s going so well, this week there were no bananas left for my box. Problematic.

Tuesday. I feel fed, satisfied and warm, though yet to begin today’s study. Nauseous from the smell of fresh paint.

Today, I:

ground flaxseed
washed dishes
washed clothes
sorted books and jewellery
saged room
cleaned candle wax off the bathroom windowsill
hung clothes
vacuumed room
stapled and sorted uni notes
moved bed-head onto lawn and painted it
assembled bed

changed sheets
rearranged room
hung a wall hanging
cooked curry, burnt curry, ate curry
showered, twice

The intensity of procrastination increases in direct proportion of the assignment due, as evidenced above.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Blur. I’m not today what I am supposed to be doing.


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