A thousand moments

Published June 8, 2012 by 51percentawesome

Here I will put a list, moment to moment, of gratitude.

1. 8/6/12 My laptop restarts and connects me to the world.
2. It is freezing and my blankets hug me without fail.
3. My fingers dance across the keyboard, expressing me easily, fluidly. Thank you fingers.
4. I ingested eucalyptus oil in quanitity accidentally on purpose. Thanks charcoal capsules, you rock my world.
5. 9/6 Downward dog
6. in the sun
7. the grass hugs my belly.
8. I write a blog about sugar, and am thankful for the intelligent and wise people who existed before me.
9. 10/6 I am finishing my last uni assignment for quite a while.. Thank you laptop for me do this in bed
10. Tony O’Connor keeps me calm and centred during late-night last-minute assignments.
11. study break, flat on my back: My chandelier is pretty.
12. At 6am I decide to stay awake and work rather than go to bed. The sound of rain soothes me.
13. It’s raining, and I didn’t get any sunshine today. Thank god for another day.
14. The buses aren’t running, it’s a happy dawdle home, like i used to
15. I dance and my feet remember what my mother paid to teach me
16. Forehead to a tree with the knowledge, I breathe out and it breathes in…


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