See you next tuesday

Published July 31, 2012 by 51percentawesome

Tuesday is for timewasting. Tuesday is for putting problems down, in resignation or other wise. Tuesday is a ceasefire. No emails or phone calls with an agenda. No organising, ‘following that up’ or replying out of obligation.

Tuesday is for living just for the now. No future planning or foundation building. The challenge is to play: to sing, dance and have meaningless conversations.

Tuesdays run against my grain. I find myself making suggestions (fucking good suggestions), problem solving for those around me. Engaged engaged engaged, in making things better.

Tuesdays are about acceptence, and surrender. Seeking comfort, looking at rainbows, sitting in the backseat. Remembering the things I love, not because of what they can do for me, but just because they are. Spontaneity needs room to move, and in my urgency to create and manifest, it appears to have been stifled. My attempts at singing and dancing are, at present, stifled. Some aspects of the to-do list that is my life snuck in: upon waking, i changed the kitty litter. I checked my emails, and deleted the unnecessary ones. I returned my voicemails, though I drew a line at filling out a form: that shit will wait until tomorrow. Out of the house looking pretty with appropriate amount of walking and vitamin d, check. Who am I if not my to-do list?

Prohibited: conversations about life challenges and issues. Prohibited: self-help and cookbooks. Prohibited: any activity designed to turn me into something other than I am.

Allowed: sunsets, riding buses in the opposite direction, blog writing.

Future suggested activities: Busking. Swimming. Hitchhiking. Movies. Eating out. Going dancing. Drinking tea. Sewing. Listening to music. Laying on the grass. Skateboarding. Beach. See you next Tuesday đŸ™‚


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