Published March 27, 2013 by 51percentawesome

Oh sun; why art thou hast forsaken me? Were not our days together long and joyous? Did you not kiss my skin again and again with every passing hour? Do you not know how happy I am wont to be with you?

Oh glorious sun; why art thou hath deserted me? Was not your constant presence a promise of happier times to come? Could you not, like I, envision endless days of the same? Do you not know the depth of the ache of my longing for you?

Beloved sun. Every cell of my being misses you. With every breath i yearn for your presence, like no other. With every parting, our time together grows shorter, and I know not a greater sorrow.

Farewelling you, I await with baited breath your return. I am but a shell of a woman, enduring the darkness of your absence. No other can complete me. I remain faithfully yours,



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