bottom line

Published May 23, 2013 by 51percentawesome

Relationships involve bringing life into physical form through conception and birth. Two together, separate from the whole. Part of the whole, and not separate, but separate. If you want the highs, accept and run with the lows. Unless you turn your back on the attachment which is the physical manifestation of human romantic love, the time based commitments of two physical forms, and the heights of ecstasy from such a physical connection, you are bound with physical experience and emotion. To coordinate, you will require your mind to make decisions and communicate your intentions and creations. The spiritual reality of the now, of non-attachment, of accepting presence and the ultimate release into spaceless timeless oneneess with divinity… Well, that is ever-present. First and foremost though, we are humans, and our actions are birthed through our bodies. With divine intention, sure, but there is no dismissing our place in a cause and effect world. We cannot change or fix what essentially is in tangible form, we can only accept and move with the flow which comes through us. Through us come the ripples of movements long ago, over which we have no control. Just sayin’.


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