Published May 23, 2013 by 51percentawesome

How can it be, that god has made me live so far from him? Atrocious pain in the heart. A wall that falls only to uncover another wall. What can you do to help? Nothing! He shrugged and continued crying. Life after life he’d essentially been doing one thing. Closing off a little more each time life hurt. One more wall for every hurt. A huge city of walls enclosed in darkness. Now the walls were all falling, one after another. Now there was only one more wound left. Realising…paradise hurts like hell. ~Atlantian Secrets: The land of the flying dragon.

Predictable. A karmic boost, my love. A great leap forward is coming, and a high part of yourself speeds up… in preparation. A slingshot backward before being propelled forwards.

You were… Demanding the world to understand my pain, using my words, while my actions were screaming, I’m guilty. Now you are Taking responsibility for other people, and yet my actions, my brain and my words are coming together.

He loves you. but that doesn’t matter right now. You need to be true to your own intuition. He was Creating fights when he saw you weren’t comfortable, because he is insecure. just as you are. He was The exact mirror image, bouncing back and forth. He was Creating fights and labeling you, where he could see you were uncomfortable [about this girl].

Thank you. ❤


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