Published May 5, 2014 by 51percentawesome

1. I hate it when people wake me up at 9am or 10am all like, wake up and play, stop being lazy! Would they feel the same if I came into their room at 1 or 2am and told them to stop being lazy, cos I’m up and doing stuff?
2. I hate having to tiptoe around because other people are sleeping at the socially ordained ‘sleep time’. Nobody tiptoes around when I’m asleep at 8am and they’re getting ready for work. And yet, I can’t do the dishes right now, before I go to sleep (4am), because other people are sleeping.
3. I hate feeling guilty that my body only gets an hour or two of sunshine in winter. It makes me really crabby, and sad when the sun goes down.
4. I hate not being able to get all my shit done during ‘business hours’. Friday afternoons frustrate me the worst. There’s nothing so stressful in a quiet, foreboding way, as trying to figure out all the phone calls you want to make for the next three days between 230-5pm on a Friday afternoon. Worst.
5. Eclectic meal times. It’s hard to plan and eat regular. I ate dinner at ‘dinner time’ with a housemate- for what was actually my lunch, had second dinner (actual dinner) of leftovers at midnight, and then dessert/breakfast muesli at 330am. The drawback is being in houses where it disturbs people if you want to have a fry up at midnight.
6. Morning appointments. Ugh.

On the plus side: When it’s time to go out late at night, that fits perfectly with my schedule. I’m not wishing I was home in bed at 10pm when the party is just getting rowdy. With a job as a writer/publisher, I don’t have to force myself into something unnatural. I don’t lay awake at night staring at the ceiling fretting that I’m not asleep. My favourite, favourite thing though, is that I have a lot of quiet, alone time in the solitude of the night, when everyone else is sleeping. It’s just me and the stars. 🙂


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