Dientamoeba fragilis

Published January 15, 2016 by 51percentawesome

‘There’s something I missed… it’s nothing dangerous’ his voicemail says.

Runny poos. No poos. Cramps, if I eat fruit… if I eat veg. When I eat grains. When I eat nuts…. When I eat anything. Colic.

‘You’ve lost so much weight! Why don’t you eat something!’

I start to add fats and sugars, when I do eat.

Taking another pregnancy test, because I’m nauseous.

BMI less than 18.5. You are underweight for your height. It’s important to aim to keep within your healthy weight range. If you’re concerned about your weight or you are losing weight without trying, talk to your doctor to make sure there aren’t any other problems causing this. Being in the healthy weight range will improve your body’s ability to fight off infection or illness.

Like recurrent gardneralla infections, stinging my vagina and deterring me from sex. Ringworm that spreads from my back, to my belly, and now down my arms.

Laying awake at midnight, desperately googling every kind of mite I can think of. Saying ‘this happens occasionally *shrug*, while systematically scratching the skin off every surface of my body until it collects under my nails and runs down the drain. Pruritis. Learning the word, even though the liver tests come back clear.

Standing in front of the mirror staring at the place where my boobs used to be.

Crashing at 5pm each day, while the dishes pile up and the house becomes uncomfortable. Laying in bed staring at my phone, even though there’s so much I want to do. Malaise.

My iron levels drop.

Can’t hold my phone anymore, my elbows ache. My hips, my knees; I point and my boyfriend massages.

Standing up, holding onto the bedpost and waiting for the black out to pass. This happens occasionally.

Nothing dangerous.



2 comments on “Dientamoeba fragilis

  • Wounded healer?

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog tonight – my dear friend is suffering the same way, she was born around the same time as yourself. I am imagining what she would be saying right now… “diatomaceous earth!” “frankincense oil in the bath!” …

    Perhaps it has something to do with your Chirons, she has a knack for encouraging others to heal themselves – but has to power through her own pain on a daily basis.

    She swears by the diatomaceous earth though – which I found really interesting because she is a Sagittarius. Her astrological cell salt is Silica!


    “Diatomaceous Earth is a soft, siliceous fossilized rock made of the ‘dead’ algae cell walls/shells of single cell diatoms. These diatoms are made of biogenic silica and silicic acid.”

    Very interesting! x

    • Hey Jenny 🙂 Thanks for dropping by. To be honest I’m more a fan of my older stuff than the recent posts, so I’m glad to hear you enjoyed it!

      Yeaaaaaaaah Wounded Healer is about right. Chiron in the sixth in Taurus, according to the way I’m reading now. (My astro blog needs updating). It’s great for others once I manage to transmute it but the journey is an absolute b*^&!4.

      That’s funny because I was just reading about diatomaceous earth yesterday, I used it on my girls for bird mites yesterday arvo. I read some good accounts of people who used a teaspoon a day successfully. I’ve stopped all treatment and supps for the moment and am reassessing ready for the next round. I’d like to give this a go!

      I’m sag ascendant and sun on a side real chart- and just went and brought some horsetail (silica) to make into gummie bears for me and a friend who has osteoporosis- he is sag as well!

      Very interesting indeed. xo

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