Published March 6, 2017 by 51percentawesome

‘trust me…. you got this’

Trust in a higher power, trust in divinity, trust in interconnectedness. Trust you are loved. Trust you will not be given more than you can handle. Trust that in your time of need, you will not be forsaken, and in the darkest, most exhausted hours, when you can no longer walk yourself… you will be carried.

eyes leaking. unable to cry all the tears lest left gasping for air.

fear to walk through the unspeakable. to reach the darkest part. to use your last reserve. and then go further.

to speak and not be heard.

to suffer and have it misunderstood.

to be dismissed, ignored, argued with, blamed.

to be left alone in the time of need.

to be exhausted and have more demanded.

to find no safe refuge in which to rest.

to have unremitting pain beyond what is bearable.

to be left alone and powerless in the face of unspeakable grief, without comfort

to never find rest, to be stuck in perpetual exhaustion and struggle, without place.

to be unable.

to have pain with no relief.

the relief will come.
this too shall pass.


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